Fran Grace Ph.D

In search of the power of love to transform and heal, Fran traveled the world interviewing renowned spiritual teachers, scientists, activists, and artists. Each morning, she will share her experiences and encourage participation. 

Chris Epting

 Chris is an enchanting storyteller and prolific writer, whose worldwide adventures have given him an intriguing perspective. During his 3-part evening presentations, Chris will share is insights about nature.  

Tom Owen-Towle

In three interactive workshops, Tom presents "Spiritual Essentials for Staying Awake During These Times of Virus and Violence."  He will describe 10 tools and lead participants in exercises for applying them.  

Carolyn Owen-Towle

Having been camp chaplain for five years, Carolyn is our spiritual leader. She will open our mornings with 15--minutes of mindful worship to focus our hearts and minds. Relax, breathe, and center.

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