Thank you to the Summer Break Team

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Campfire hosts: Cynthia Leigh, Pat Gordon, Connie Van Pelt, Marge Wurgel, Amy Tompkins

Leadership: Janet James, Marianne Shuster, Pat Gordon, Barbara Leigh Shields, Cyndy Leigh

Musicians: Barbara Leigh Shields (TP tube/guitar/clarinet), Mark Stevens (keyboard), Andrea Massy (trombone), Phyllis Kaplan (soprano)

Outreach: Marianne Shuster, Laura Chamberlin

Registration: Laura Chamberlin

Speakers: Carolyn Owen-Towle, Fran Grace, Tom Owen-Towle, Chris Epting, Keith Mesecher

Technical session leaders: Lisa Harris, Marianne Shuster

Technical team: Lisa Harris, Marianne Shuster, Barbara Leigh Shields, Cyndy Leigh, Andy French

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